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Old Adobe Flash Player

Started by Ronald, May 11, 2024, 09:22:05 AM

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To play the Flash Games on the arcade you'll need to install the Old Adobe Flash Player.

Old Adobe Flash Player You cannot view this attachment.

Download to Desktop click open or run, it'll install automatically.
Next it is going to ask you to update. DO NOT UPDATE

How to disable the adobe flash payer: You can disable Flash Player updates either via the mms.cfg file, or the Flash Player Settings Manager in the Control Panel. There is no way to disable it via the registry.

Note that disabling Flash Player updates in the mms.cfg file does not disable Flash Player updates for Edge, or IE, as Flash Player ActiveX for Edge/IE is embedded in the browser and all updates are released by Microsoft via Windows Updates.
If you use Chrome, disabling Flash Player updates in mms.cfg file also doesn't disable Chrome from updating the embedded version of Flash Player, as that version is released by Google, not Adobe.
Essentially, disabling Flash Player updates in mms.cfg file only disables updates released by Adobe, not updates released by a partner that embeds Flash Player in the browser (Microsoft and Google).


If your confuse, ask questions in here.

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